What's the Story Behind the Stories?

My Knees Were Knocking...

. . . I put my Courageous Mom hat on, and presented my findings and concerns to the Utah State Board of Education. Later in summer, the State Board invited me to a symposium they were sponsoring for all superintendents, principals, and history teachers in my state regarding the importance of teaching these important stories to our youth. After interviewing many of the attendees during the lunch break, I realized they had the desire to teach these stories but lacked finances to research them and the time to teach them. I went home depressed not knowing what could be done.

Days later, I had an "if not me, who?" moment. I decided to research and write one inspiring, true story each month throughout 2012, and to present each story in a way that would make it quick and easy for us as moms and dads to teach these stories to our families. I collaborated my desire to research and write the stories with another mom’s visual arts talent and PhotoShop skills. The results of the combination of our talents were twenty-four awesome, full-color pictures on the front of a page with the related, intriguing story on the back; two short stories each month that we could teach our families throughout the year. I later added twelve related family activities to go along with them.

Who Would Have Dreamed??

I presented my idea to the Morgan City Council in October 2011. They enthusiastically agreed to sponsor and finance the printing cost of each monthly story so that families could have them throughout 2012 as part of our community celebration of the 225th Anniversary of the U.S. Constitution. They made the monthly stories available on the Morgan City website as well. Two Boy Scouts distributed copies of each monthly story to local participating businesses throughout the county for families to take and bring home. The stories were a hit with many families in my Morgan County community. It was awesome!

In 2013 I presented the Forgotten American Stories: Celebrating America's Constitution to the Utah State Board of Education Curriculum and Standards Committee.They unanimously supported my attempt to index the stories with Utah’s social studies standards so that teachers in my state could easily use my stories for teaching required key social studies concepts to their students. In addition, they suggested adding a few more stories reflecting other nationalities which I later researched, wrote, and included. These other stories make the Forgotten American Stories: Celebrating America’s Constitution more complete.

Currently, I am in the process of self-publishing these stories in a format that is affordable and user-friendly for families and schools to teach and inspire our youth to value freedom, preserve liberty, and to be great Americans. That's my goal!

I didn't know I had the talent to research and write. I never dreamed that this newly developed talent would make a difference in my county and state. But this is what happened as a direct a result of my desire and efforts to be a great mother. How awesome is that?!

A Great “P.S.”...

What happened with my son? Well, we home-schooled for a year and a half, and then we both felt he was ready to enroll in our local high school. That was four years ago. He graduated in 2014 having accomplished a lot of college level math classes and with an overall GPA that makes him – and his parents – proud. Trusting my mother's intuition worked!
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